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BMW Self-Cleaning Car -- April Fool's Day, 2004
BMW Canada announced that its engineers had developed a system that used "microscopic blowholes" in the surface of the car, blowing away "dust, bugs, water and everything else," and thereby keeping the car constantly clean. BMW owners would never have to wash their car again!

[This was one of four April Fool ads run by BMW Canada in 2004.]

BMW Self-Cleaning Car
Your hands should be wrapped around the steering wheel, not around a squeegee. The BMW Self-Cleaning Car means that you'll never have to spend another weekend toiling over what type of soap or car wax to purchase, ever again. Microscopic blowholes emit a constant stream of heated air, removing dust, bugs, water and everything else from the entire surface area of the vehicle, ultimately leaving you with more time to simply enjoy driving your BMW.

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