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BMW Royal Edition -- April Fool's Day, 2011
BMW ran ads in UK newspapers announcing that in honor of the forthcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, a special "Royal Edition" of the BMW M3 Couple would be available for one month. It would come in three colors: Regal Red, Bridal White and Imperial Blue.

It would also be adorned with a commemorative "Will" emblem.

To celebrate the forthcoming wedding of HRH Prince William of Whales and Miss Catherine Middleton, a very special Royal Edition of the BMW M3 Couple will be available at BMW dealerships throughout the country from today, and for this month only. The majestic Royal edition is available in three colours - Regal Red, Bridal White and Imperial Blue. It is resplendently upholstered in Windsor White Dakota leather and adorned with our commemorative 'Will' emblem. For more information, call 0800 777 120 or contact

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