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BMW Golf Cart -- April Fool's Day, 2004
BMW Canada the immediate availability of a BMW 18 Series Golf Cart, featuring "fore-wheel drive," uDrive technology that advised on golf club selection, and a GPS ball-tracking feature that displayed your ball's location on a plasma screen.

[This was one of four April Fool ads run by BMW Canada in 2004.]

Hand me a driver.

After years of filling clubhouse parking lots with the world's finest automobiles, we have finally made the bold move to bring our driving expertise onto the greens and fairways. Announcing the launch of the all-new BMW 18 Series. By incorporating the latest in golf-cart technology with an ultra-modern miniaturized BMW platform, we have at long last discovered a way for the BMW enthusiast to bring the Ultimate Driving Experience to the links.

Give your caddy the day off.

Never second-guess your club selection again. Let our uDrive technology calculate the exact distance to the pin and then indicate the appropriate club to get you there.

Did somebody say "Fore-wheel drive?"

With a sophisticated all-wheel-drive system and Active Steering, plus our patented Hill Descent Control, you might want to take your BMW 18 Series into a few sand traps just for fun. Just remember to always rake your tracks.

Have you seen my ball?

Your new cart has. Utilizing its GPS tracking feature, the 18 Series triangulates your ball's location to within a foot of its current resting place, then displays it on a 14" plasma screen.

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