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Use your left ear to detect lies
The boy with the golden tooth, 1593
Female thieves hide money in their bras, 1950
The Hoaxing Hitchhiker, 1941
The Man-Eating Tree of Madagascar Hoax, 1874
Fake Photos of Very Large Animals
The Great Electric Sugar Swindle, 1884
Snowball the Monster Cat, 2000
Did Poe say 'The best things in life make you sweaty'?
The Birth of Nutopia -- April Fool's Day, 1973
John Lennon and Yoko Ono issued a statement announcing the birth of a new "conceptual country," Nutopia, which consisted of "no land, no boundaries, no passports, only people."

Claiming to be ambassadors of Nutopia, and therefore eligible for diplomatic immunity, Lennon and Ono waved white handkerchiefs at a press conference, saying, "This is the flag of Nutopia; we surrender" (referring to Lennon's immigration problems, as he and Ono tried to remain in the United States).

The official seal of Nutopia showed a picture of a seal (the marine animal).

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