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April Fools Day - 1698
April Fools Day - 1844
April Fools Day - 1860
April Fools Day - 1866
April Fools Day - 1878
April Fools Day - 1888
April Fools Day - 1900
April Fools Day - 1919
April Fools Day - 1920
April Fools Day - Origin
Bigfoot Hoaxes
Black Like Me
Bosnian Beheading Rumor
Butterflies of Linnaeus
Caltech Sweepstakes Caper
Captain Crunch
Captain Midnight
Church of the SubGenius
Death of Titan Leeds
Dominion of Melchizedek
Elmer de Hory
Empire City Massacre
Emulex Stockmarket Hoax
Enigmatical Prophecies
Faces in Trees
Fake News Comedy Shows
Ghostly Drummer of Tedworth
Giant Bear
Great American Golf Hustlers
Great Rose Bowl Hoax
Gross Things Found in Food
Hippo Eats Dwarf
Interfering Brassieres
Jane Austen Rejected
Jedi Knight Religion
John Harvey Kellogg
Jonathan Swift
Kingdom of Redonda
Lady Liberty on Lake Mendota
Locals - 19th Century Newspaper Hoaxes
Loch Ness Monster Hoaxes
Madagascar or Robert Drurys Journal
Marcel Duchamp
Medieval End of the World Hoaxes
Medieval Pranks and Tricks
Medieval Travel Lies
Melancholy Reflections
Microsoft Buys the Catholic Church
Milton Rejected
Modest Proposals
Moving the Body
Naked Came The Stranger
Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe
New York Evening Graphic and Composographs
Paris Hilton Death Hoax
Paris Hilton Hoaxes
Paulding County Hyena
Paul Krassner and The Realist
Pope Joan
Predictions of Isaac Bickerstaff
Press Your Luck Scandal
Principality of New Utopia
Principality of Outer Baldonia
Principality of Sealand
Prophecies of Mother Shipton
Reality TV Hoaxes
Religious Images Seen in Stuff
Report From Iron Mountain
Retractable Capitol Dome
Rip-Off Recipe
Satellite Medical Exam
Silence Dogood
Spurious Submission Hoaxes
Stamp Hoax
Stone Age Discoveries of Shinichi Fujimura
Supplement to the Boston Independent Chronicle
Theft of the Sacred Cod
Tombstone Humor
Total Body Replacement
Trial of Polly Baker
Walt Disney Frozen
Washing The Lions
Water As Fuel
Weekly World News
What is a hoax