666 on the Side of the Alamo

Here's how the story goes. Back in 1982 Ozzy Osbourne was on tour in San Antonio. While there, he took the opportunity to don one of his wife's dresses, stumble over to the Alamo, and urinate on the side of it. Ever since then the number 666 has slowly been forming on the front of the building, gradually becoming more distinct. When the number becomes absolutely clear, something terrible is going to happen. No one knows exactly what, but it'll definitely be pretty bad. Maybe The Osbourne Show will be turned into a movie.

Check out the pictures below and see if you can spy the Mark of the Beast as it manifests itself on the front of the Alamo. It took me a while to see anything, but finally I spotted what I think everyone is talking about. And yeah, I guess there is something there, if you stare at it long enough. Smoking the appropriate reality-warping chemicals would also probably help.

The question in my mind is whether this pattern has always been there, or whether it really did appear after Ozzy relieved himself. Without any pictures of the Alamo pre-1982, I can't answer that. My guess is that it was always there.

I also wonder whether the people who are inclined to see 666 on the front of the Alamo share a gene with the ones who see the Virgin Mary appearing in the window of a Boston hospital. And if you believe this kind of stuff, then does the good effect of a Virgin Mary sighting cancel out the bad effect of a 666 manifestation?

alamo 666
The front of the Alamo as seen in a postcard

alamo 666
A closer view

alamo 666
Here the number is pretty clearly visible

A nighttime view

virgin mary
Just for the sake of comparison, here's the Virgin Mary in the window of Milton Hospital near Boston